Morgan Norman: Photographer Extraordinaire. He's Swedish, which by default makes him cool.

Catchup: So, you're kind of a popular guy these days. How long have you been in the biz?

Morgan: It's hard to say exactly how long-- I mean I have been an established Photographer with an agent for around 5-6 years. The first time I ever held a professional camera was like 10 years ago. I was working as a social worker in the suburbs of Stockholm. During that time I also quit my band, so I needed something creative to do to stay sane. I bought my first camera, went to an ABC -Photography class and from there on...

Catchup: Social worker huh? I guess you can say you have a similar job. You help people to see the beauty in things. What/Who inspired you to become a photographer?

Morgan: Movies, Dreams and tons of imaginary worlds. I suck at drawing so Photography was the only medium for me.

Catchup: I suck at drawing too. Unless you consider throwing on a gas mask at dark and painting walls. Oh, those were the days. When we were young. Give me one song from your playlist of life?

Morgan: 1959, By Sisters of Mercy

Catchup: I guess we are from different parts of the pond. ;) Maybe we have other similar interests. What is your favorite brand camera? What was the first camera you used?

Morgan: Most of all I shoot with Canon. Eos, 1Ds, Mark III and 5D Mark III. I love medium format but they can't handle light as good as smaller ones. I love shooting in daylight and most of the time it's quite dark, so a Phase One wouldn't stand a chance. First camera I ever bought was a Nikon F80 (if I remember correctly).

Catchup: Now we're talking. Stinky cheese or creamy cheese?

Morgan: Stinky FTW!!!

Catchup: (FTW) For those of you who aren't cool enough to speak Swedish. Hahaha...ok, then. What would you say is more important? Good Knowledge or Good Equipment?

Morgan: Most def good knowledge. Cameras today, even the cheap ones, are so good, you can make magic anyway. Of course it's easier with pro-equipment, but still--1-0 Knowledge vs Equipment.
Catchup: Instagram or Tumblr?

Morgan: I only use Instagram (morgannorman) don't have time for more then that. I like using it as a kind of photo-blog, both everyday life and shootings. 

Catchup: What was one of your favorite editorials you've seen recently? 

Morgan: Modern Weekly / China - Paolo Roversi

Catchup: That's a beauty. Love the mask. New Kids on the Block or Menudo?

MN: Ghost >;) Ha ha ha, Yeah or Satanic Pop as I label them.

Catchup: Lost me there. Since you're not a connoisseur of American boy bands. Who is your MUSE?

MN: My inner child

Catchup: Have to agree with that one. It's part of our slogan. Speaking of playing around. We do a lot of that these days. Maybe too much of the unimaginative kind. In the days of INSTA-photography (I just coined that word, don't steal it. I'm going to buy the copyright's when we finish) does it annoy you that every person thinks they know about the art of photography? 

MN: Nope, I think it's cool that photography is so big. You will never make it anyway if your not a pro. You need the skills to repeat great pictures and set. You need to be creative, on demand and you need to know the right people--Otherwise you will never get anywhere.

Catchup: So, skillz to pay the billz it is. Glad to see you're not the cynical type. ;) Where is one of your favorite locations to shoot?

MN: St Petersburg / Russia

Catchup: BRrr...I would guess --hmmm, I don't know. Some place warm, being Swedish and all. Speaking of The Sweds, a good looking group of people wouldn't you say. We would. There are a lot of cool Swedish photographers, designers and musicians in trend recently, do you think Swedish artists are the worlds biggest hipsters. Or is the world just recognizing the talent the country has to offer?

MN: Ha ha ha ha ha! A little bit of both I think. We are really Super Hipsters here, but at the same time we have to be creative otherwise we will die. 3/4 of the year Sweden is dark, cold and wet.

Catchup: Dark, cold and wet sounds like a great name for an editorial, or, nevermind. We'll wait for it. ;) It's been great getting to know you. We love your work and can't wait to CATCHUP with the latest by Morgan Norman.

Check him out folks at http://www.morgannorman.com

Definitely one of the coolest most talented Swed's we know. Or should we say one of the warmest. <3

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