Catchup Street Style: What are you wearing this winter?

The Catchup Team
 Tried to make this a piece on, 
"What's in your bag?".  
Apparently, the -10 C temperatures and 
shopping don't mix, for even the most 
Fierce Fashionista.  
Here are some of our favs who took to the streets of Zurich.
In a piece we like to call,
"Beauty is pain".Click on the links and you'll find what we love from the places they shop.

Stay warm !
Was FREEZING, didn't speak a word of English, but she sure is HOT. All together now--

"privEt Yuliya". She was attempting to keep warm in her  Black Pea Coat
with a Cup o Joe, Brava Boots, Classic Chanel Bag, and Ray Ban sunglasses.
Yuliya doesn't mess around; inside the Burberry shopping bag,
disguised as a gift, are actually shoes for herself.
Who can blame her !


Super cute in her School Girl Navy Pea Coat from Zara and Louis Vuitton.
She was not only braving the cold, but she was rocking a Beehive,
which you gotta respect.
She also had great vintage boots,
but we had technical difficulty due to Dakila's (Catchup P.A.) hands freezing off.  Sorry D.

We're not sure whether Barbera is smiling from her shopping finds,
 or because her Moncler coat is doing its job. 
She was toting tons of bags, including her Louis Vuitton, as she hopped around Zurich in her silver Original Moon Boots. 

Reminded me that, "her name is from America", wore a Hermés scarf, Tory Burch coat, 
Louis Vuitton bag, and Geox boots -- was super stylish and sweet.  But, only if she could keep her eyes open for one photo. Sorry Virginia. Contraire, Joy her poodle, wouldn't miss her photo opt.  We wouldn't either if we could rock a Hermés Leash. Jealous much? YES !

Well, the boys have it.  Girls, apparently Zurich is the place for a stylish new beau.  
Danielle speaks Italian, has great style and that's all we know.  
Do we need to know more?
Well, here he wears 
a pullover and shoes from Zara, Bershka coat, Saigon Jeans, and a vintage leather bag.

Besides having great style he's also a model!
Doesn't feel so cold any more huh?
Maybe that's the Gluhwein talking.
Robert wears a scarf and bag from Mangocoat from Tommy Hilfiger,
a Super Dry shirt and H&M jeans.