Profile: A&R Director Yaniv Tal
Location: On the phone during a road trip to film in Geneva.

Yaniv Tal is our music Director for Catchup Productions.  He brings all of our videos and coverage to life.  He specializes in music licensing and owns his own label, Alienews Label Group in Munich, Germany, but signs artists world-wide.  

As the music director for Catchup Productions, he chooses the music for our fashion coverage videos, motion editorials, and of course music videos for artist. Early next year we will be collaborating on a compilation album for Catchup Productions.  

We're happy to have him on our team.  We're even more excited to hear some gossip about his personal life.  Hope you enjoy as well.

Jordan:Where did the wolves raise you by the way? (Just joking I know Yaniv's mother and she's very sweet, sorry Mrs. Tal).

Yaniv: Reshon, Israel

Jordan: How was it growing up in Reshon?
Yaniv: I was the pioneer of a metal/punk group. We used to import records and DJ gigs at this venue called, "Death to Techno."
Jordan: You were punk ? Really! I knew you had skeletons in the closet.
Yaniv: I was punk. I left that place as fast as I could--I left at 16. It used to be horrible and now it got even worse.
Jordan: Why, because you couldn't escape your punk past?
Yaniv: That, and I just saw a bigger future ahead of me.
Jordan: So what brought about your love for music?
Yaniv: I love to make people happy. Through music you kind of control people. You decide when they will feel happy, if they're going to dance. You can slow it down, speed it up. It's really exciting to watch. Especially as a DJ. Music tells a story. It progresses in front of my eyes--I love that.
Jordan: You remember that time I lost a bet to you and had to DJ with you in a gold bikini.
Yaniv: Yeah I think that's the first night that people spent so much time looking at me during a performance.
Jordan: Did you think I was out of my mind.
Yaniv: No, I just thought we'd be good friends.
Jordan: Well, that proved to be right. Now you're the music director for Catchup Productions my company. What inspired you to switch it up a bit. To focus on a more commercial aspect of the industry.
Yaniv: It was an opportunity to go commercial. Do something different. I like the idea of bringing the sound to the vision.
Jordan: So, what do you think about the company. The idea of combining music and fashion?
Yaniv: It's always good to have new people with fresh ideas--who look at the market from a different prospective.
Jordan: Ahhh, good to hear from such an outstanding guy. Speaking of outstanding. Were you ever famous anywhere?
Yaniv: Well, there was this one time I got kidnapped in Zagreb, well, less of a kidnapping, more of a hostage situation.
Jordan: Ok, What color are your pants?  Please don't tell me you're not wearing any.
Yaniv: Black.
Jordan: What did you just eat? 
Yaniv: Bagel with butter.
Jordan: So, your band name is officially. Black Bagel With Butter.  Just thought you wanted to know if you ever started your own band.
Jordan: Ok, moving along, hamburger or Hot dogs?
Yaniv: Hot dogs.
Jordan: Liar, you're a vegetarian. Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot ?
Yaniv: Bridgette.
Jordan: Ketchup or Mayonnaise.
Yaniv: Mayonnaise
Jordan: Blondes or Brunettes?
Yaniv: Blondes
Jordan: Grateful Dead or the Rolling Stones?
Yaniv: The Stones.
Jordan: Ice Cube or Ice Tea?
Yaniv: Ice Cube.

Jordan: Yeah yeah. Thanks Yaniv, thanks for being a good sport. If people want to know more about you, besides the fact that your're a great DJ, A&R Director, and that you used to be punk, where can they find out.

Yaniv: Thanks Jordan. They can check out my Facebook Page that I update with news and upcoming events. Or they can check out my website. There you'll find a huge database of music that I license and more about my label Alienews Label Group.

Make sure to check out Yaniv and our compilation of tracks from Catchup Productions in the new year.  If you have any questions about any of the music you've heard in our videos, send an email to Yaniv  @ musicdirector@catchupproductions.com.


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