International Upcoming Fashion Filmmakers Competition

Wanna know what all the monkey business was about? Well, we participated in the International Upcoming Fashion Filmmakers Competition in Italy.  Unfortunately, we didn't win the main prize, but we placed among the best in the world.  With the help of Epic and others (Jacquelina Penza, Lea Kueng, Option Models, Erarta Gallery, Meesha Chang, Adrian Portmann, Tobias Bogart Kubli, our friends at Sharush, Carmen Cita Jones, and of course Markentussi we put together an outstanding fashion film, which we are very proud of. I spent nearly 10 hours gluing tiny Swarovski crystals on a banana for the Artistic Directing. Our film features twins Valentina and Natalja Neumeister at Option Models Zurich.  The film will be released soon.

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