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Oh no, not another holiday top ten list!  Yes, as cynical as we are about the holidays, we can't miss out on the opportunity for a bit of cheesy reminiscing. Besides, Finally It's Freaking Friday, you're on the sofa in a comatose from food and alcohol and the closest thing you'll get to exercise in the next 2 months is fork to mouth and scrolling through your Facebook News Feed. Now that you're in a good mood.  Find out what we're thankful for this holiday season.    

10: Bound 2: Music Trends.
We're so thankful that it took Kayne West so long to release this video. Any longer and we'd still be questioning if he'd officially sold out. Thanks for confirming Yeezy. Don't quit your day job as a designer. Nick Knight, you know in art school when they tell you to never compromise your own identity for a client's? Just sayin.

9. Shutter Ball: Techie Fashion Trends

This is every Narcissist's dream. Yes, we are aware of what it looks like. Keep your mind out of the gutter. Not only has the Oxford Dictionary defined "Selfie" this season. We have a reason to pretend to be Terry Richardson. We love this device. It allows you to take DIY Selfies, without dropping your phone on your face or accidentally calling grandma, on Face Time while in a compromising position.
                                                   We are truly thankful for Shutter Balls.                                                                          

8. Stiletto nails: Nail Art: Beauty Trend. 

We were so inspired by the obsession with nail art this season.  Along with it came the beautifully masterminded, Stiletto nail.  Freakishly adding an instant accessory to any great look. So great for the photo shoot so bad for picking up coins off the ground. Thanks for making our nails jewelry.

7: Dolce Gabana FW/2013

Shot by Mariano Vivanco in Taormina.  Thank you for reminding us how much we love and need Lace, Capes, Baroque Tailoring, romance and of course Italy. Vivanco, nearly made us forget that 
we'll be spending the holidays alone with a Shutter Ball.

6: The High Bun: Hair Trends:

We're so thankful that we can finally use home shopping, as seen on TV, devices. The high bun was seen on the runway from NY to Milan.  The great thing about this trend is that it can go straight to the streets. Just make sure you don't snag a bobby pin on someone's Tweed Chanel blazer while Twerking.

5: The Diversity Coalition: Fashion Politics:
They're making a list and checking it twice, going to find out who's naughty or nice. This list is long overdue. Yet, we're happy that someone brought light to this issue in fashion, yet so sad that Marc Jacobs made the list.

4: Suite 18: Pretty, Pink and Proper: Catchup Productions: Fashion Editorials

Shot by Sabine Liewald for Quality Magazine Featuring Ronja Furrer. We fell in love with this editorial and obviously so did everyone else, it was published in over 5 magazines. Lea Kueng, evoked the Fashionistas of the past to brilliantly encompass the story of the art of seduction.

3. Color, Texture and Movement: Fashion Trends

Thank you for bringing color and movement back to editorials.  It felt like a millennium of over-sized nerd glasses and Hipster everything, on pale, motionless, emaciated models. Now if we could just get rid of the Hashtag. 
 Our editorial featuring Teng-Teng, shot by Patrick Walter for Livid Magazine gave a whole new meaning to living color.

2. The Jeweled Face Mask: Fashion Editorial Trend

Do we even have to explain? Take the most beautiful girls in the world and cover them with bedazzled fencing masks.  Genius! We're thankful that even famed Karlie Kloss put her vanity aside this season, to prove just how cool this look is. You definitely can't rock a Swarowski covered mask on the town.  We're hoping for a more modified look.

1. Fashion Films: New Age Silent Films: 

Our number one pick to be thankful for this season is the fashion film.  We know what you're saying.  Fashion films didn't just happen this season. Right! What did happen this season, was an emergence of recognition from the fashion world. Fashion Film Festivals are popping up faster than Hipsters in Brooklyn.  Rightfully so.  There are some great directors and artistic directors out there. Not to toot our own horn, but we entered 2 fashion film festivals this year.  Here's one of our contestants. Carats and Bananas, featuring, Natalie and Valentina Neumeister, Swiss Top Models and twins.  

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